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Radioshack Infrared receiver <--> Arduino

I recently came across the need to read some IR signals from my universal remote. Having hacked around with IR in the past, I had an idea of what I was looking for so I stopped by RadioShack and found one of these: A Brief Overview of IR The idea behind transmission of data over [...]

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RFID <--> Ethernet Shield Client <--> Rails

Last week A few months ago, I wrote an article on connecting the Parallax RFID reader to the the Arduino. The reason I was revisiting that device was because I am working on a system for our hackerspace which will allow people to find out who is in the hackerspace at any given time. The [...]

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Gumbo Labs’ Lighting Effect for DesCours Installation

This post is a little late but has been on the fore front of my mind.  Gumbo Labs collaborated in a very cool project with Sergio Padilla, Fred Stivers and Jimmy Stamp for the 2009 DesCours event.  Sergio and Fred dropped by on a Tuesday night to share their developing vision of their installation and [...]

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Parallax RFID Reader <--> Arduino

A while back, I purchased a Parallax RFID reader and used it for authentication for my house door. It was kind of a hack job and wasn’t as stable as I would have liked so I never documented it and put it on the backburner. I recently decided to revisit the device for a project [...]

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