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Big Changes for GumboLabs

It’s been a rollercoaster year for Gumbolabs, though this website may not show it. Let’s break this down with the good news, the bad, and what’s changing Despite many problems, this was the year when we really acted like a hackerspace. And enumerating the things we’ve done will probably surprise even us. We attempted an [...]

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Weekly Tuesday Meetings Change to Monthly 2nd Wednesday Meetings

We’ve been meeting every Tuesday for the last 1.5+ years. The time has come for a change. Instead of meeting on every Tuesday, starting now, we’ll meet monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. Mark Your Calendar: When: Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month (starting February 9th, 2011) Where: Gumbo Labs, 4820 Banks Street, [...]

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Mini Guitar Amp

For a non pre-packaged DIY project, this is a good one.  I have been slowly building up my hacking street cred…  Relearning to solder, putting together a few kits (Minty Boost, Drum Kit), “Hello World” on the Arduino and Launch Pad.  Now onto something that I think is a good next step, building something I [...]

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