Membership Levels

There are two classes of membership; Full Members and Supporting Members. The sections below outline the qualification, responsibilities, privileges and dues structure. We hope you join as a Supporting Member or Member.

Supporting Members Eligibility

Any community member who wishes to become a supporting member may do so at any time by fulfilling the responsibilities outlined in the next section.

Benefits at the Supporting Member Level

  • discount on Gumbo Labs events;
  • may vouch for guests, taking responsibility for the property of the organization’s upon themselves;
  • use of space, tools and materials when a full member is present; and
  • retain control over own intellectual property rights.

Dues for Supporting Members

Supporting Member’s dues are $10.00 a month and paid through a recurring Paypal subscription. Click the Subscribe button below:

Qualifications for Full Members

The Members level is open to anyone who is of legal age in Louisiana and who supports the mission of this organization. Members are required to complete a Membership Application(PDF) and execution of a Membership Agreement and Liability Waiver (PDF).

Applying at Full Members Level

Candidate seeking membership must submit a completed Membership Application and an executed Membership Agreement and Liability Waiver. Candidates must attend three or more Gumbo Labs events. Once these requirements are met the Board of Directors will consider the candidates application. Please note the requirement of attending three or more events may be waived by consensus of the Board. To seek a waiver, please send a message to Gumbo Labs at secretary (at) and indicate a current member that would sponsor you. If your application is approved by the Board your Membership will be activated once you have paid your Membership dues.

Benefits at the Full Members Level

  • 24/7 keyed access to the space and Gumbo Labs equipment
  • a voice in the direction of the group
  • one vote in the organization’s elections
  • ability to self-nominate for member elections
  • may serve on the board of Gumbo Labs if elected

Dues for Full Members

Member’s dues can be paid either monthly or annually. If you choose the annual payment we give you two months of membership free. Monthly payments are $50.00 and the annual payment is $500.00*. Monthly dues must be paid on or by the third Tuesday of the month.

There are several ways to pay membership dues:

  • Paypal – Pay One Month of Dues ($50)*
  • Paypal – Sign up once and auto-pay monthly using this subscribe button:

  • Check – Make checks out to “Gumbo Labs Inc.” and give it to Hunter, the treasurer, when you see him at the space, or mail it to:
    Gumbo Labs
    4820 Banks Street
    Studio #5
    New Orleans, LA 70119
  • Cash – You can come to the space on the second Wednesday of each month in the evening and give cash to Hunter, the treasurer.

*Annual membership dues must be paid by Check or in Cash.