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Drawdio Night!

Wednesday September 21st, 7pm at GumboLabs! We’re puttin’ together some Drawdios. The video above shows it off pretty well, it’s essentially a pencil with a 555 timer that makes wee-ooo noises based on the resistance across the graphite (and yourself) (or whatever). Don’t know what all that means? Don’t know how to solder? That’s OK! [...]

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Open House: Space Balloon in June!

For our monthly open house this month we’re having an organizational meeting to put together a DIY near-space balloon equipped with cameras to film the journey. We’re hardly the first to do it, but a couple of other groups have made DIY photos of the curvature of the earth for miniscule budgets (less than $200). [...]

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OpenWRT Hack Night! Wednesday at 7pm

For May’s GumboLabs Open House we’re talkin’ custom router firmware for your router. Want to set up a repeater? Use it as a small webserver? There are tons of things you can accomplish, exactly what is what we hope to find out. Mark’s hosting and bringing a bunch of WGT634U routers to demo with. Hunter [...]

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